Senior at University of the Arts in Philadelphia majoring in Film/Video. Have Aspergers Syndrome. Obsessed with movies and animation. I also write, draw, and play a large amount of Nintendo games.
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Hi guys! Here is my junior thesis animation!!! 

This was my first time boarding and creating a small short all on my own, I learned a lot and need to improve a lot but I still love this short and I hope you do too! If you share the Bigfoot love with your friends it would mean a lot!

Soooo cute

my amazing and talented wife, katie, made this and i’m so proud of her and this is so cute and good, please watch it it’s really CUTE

Katie Graziano continues to be amazing with her uber-adorbs junior thesis animation! Give her a like on Youtube! 

Katie this is so cute!!!! <3

Thank you guys!!

This really is fantastic. You ever think about sending it to Cartoon Brew?

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it’d be nice if he could stop digging himself into holes and then making them deeper

ya like he could be approaching the problem in a different way (be a bit more mature about it), but i think that’s just a defensive thing. he’s doing it on purpose. i feel bad. he’s getting waaaaay to much negative feedback over a fucking word.