Senior at University of the Arts in Philadelphia majoring in Film/Video. Have Aspergers Syndrome. Obsessed with movies and animation. I also write, draw, and play a large amount of Nintendo games.

“In the first section, up until Mr. Orange shoots Mr. Blonde, the characters have far more information about what’s going on than you have – and they have conflicting information. Then the Mr. Orange sequence happens and that’s a great leveler. You start getting caught up with exactly what’s going on, and in the third part, when you go back to the warehouse for the climax – you are totally ahead of everybody – you know far more than any one of the characters.” – Quentin Tarantino

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I saw a dude selling old comics in a stall and he had Duck ones so I BOUGHT em

All 50s Duck books, with Barks covers! Good stuff.

Top row is WDC&S #215 (Aug. 1958). The second row are WDC&S #176 (May 1955) and #200 (May 1957). The Uncle Scrooge is issue number 25, from March-May of 1959.